What we do

The current reality of civic engagement shows that the Mjaft! Movement has achieved one of its primary goals – the rehabilitation of the sense of protest. Albanian citizens have moved away from the conventional violent reactions of the 1990’s, currently being involved in peaceful protests and other ways of civic reaction. The public institutions’ response has become increasingly more sophisticated, yet constituting a major barrier to the country’s democratic advancement as Albania still suffers of widespread corruption, poor media freedom, and restraints in the applicability of human rights, political clientelism, reemerging tendencies of authoritarianism and a general political disregard towards the improvement of the public basic services and citizen’s well-being.

Mjaft’s role ranges from catalyst, mobilizer and innovator to several public advocacy campaigns. Mjaft! has vigorously embodied the function of public advocate for the causes of various groups  such as students, pensioners, the Roma community, military retirees, people with sight disabilities, the vocationally disabled, people with sensory and motor impairments, fishermen, taxi drivers and high difficulty laborers (employed in mines, oil fields, chemical operations). Consequently, such involvement has constantly widened Mjaft’s operational array, thereby empowering the organization itself with the experience and ‘know how’ to provide direct assistance to various interest groups, while equipping them with organizational and reactive capabilities to independently take civic action.

Some of our projects