Travel to Europe 2017 - 11 Edition


Travel to Europe is lauched for its 11-th year. The “Travel to Europe” Project has been inspired by the lack of travel knowledge among Albanian youth concerning European Union. Even though the young people are in charge of the future in Albania, they haven’t have the possibility to freely travel around Europe, because of the political and social situations in our country. This form of isolation from the rest of the Europe has been a hurdle for the Albanian students to reach that level of education and personal development that is accessible only though visiting and experienced cultures in other countries.

Outstanding students from the states of the Western Balkans will obtain the opportunity to gain such international experience, to expand their understanding for European structures, and to get to know each other, through the implementation of the “Travel to Europe” project.

Since 2008, the students always begin their trip with a kick-off event in Berlin, which the support of Robert Boch foundation, and cooperation with Balkan Trust for Democracy. They perceive the trip as a formative experience that also changes their relationship to the European Union, to their own country, and to Germany. Through accompanying media reports, the project has generated a great public response in the Southeastern European countries.

In conclusion as one of the students expressed her view on the project:

“Going wherever you want. Staying for as long as you want. This is the unique opportunity to enjoy carefree travel throughout Europe, and to visit the cities that you’ve always wanted to see.”
Amila Karacic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, participant 2008