Multimedia Activism Platform


Multimedia Activism Platform (MAP) is a Mjaft! Movement's initiative that will provide specialized multimedia courses and the infrastructure to empower youth in expressing themselves through independent media production. The works will be made available in a dedicated online platform, then distributed to other social media. This opportunity will involve high school and university students to express their opinions and concerns; raise broader awareness; lobby and publically advocate with responsible institutions to explore solutions.

MAP will thus be an excellent possibility to empower young women and men with the knowledge of updated reporting media tools: video, audio (radio), photography, writing etc. A dedicated in-depth study will expose the issues which will serve as the starting point for the youngsters' work. To maximize results towards fulfilling the project objective(s), Mjaft! will collaborate with 3 social centers, where the produced documentaries will be shown followed by public debates. A full set of vocational training modules will be offered to the participants by specialized academics and practitioners. The direct beneficiaries of this initiative will involve 20-30 trained young women and men and at least 70 individuals for each public activity. MAP together with the designed advocacy campaign which will be covered by national media, will reach out to practically every youngster in Albania. This campaign will target the responsible institutions to meaningfully address the deficiencies that hamper youth development and the Albanian social fabric.

MAP offers a feasible opportunity for everyone who has an opinion and finds no room in the conventional media to freely express his/her considerations, free of restrictions and prejudices on gender, race, age or social and political affiliation.

Youth of  Shkodra, Vlora, Elbasan dhe Korça are welcome to apply to be part of this program. Please send us at the following:

Name, surname, nr. of contact and a motivation letter as to why you want to participate in the program 

For more information please visit our MAP site 

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